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- Caroline Giammanco, author of  
Bank Notes:The True Story of the
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True Love Doesn't Always Come When & Where It's Convenient

"Amanda Matti says that the universe has a way of balancing itself out. If the pain you suffer is equal to the joy you experience, then Amanda and her husband Fadi are living proof of that. Their amazing love comes with a heavy cost. As a young NSA agent, Mandy is bound by policy to avoid personal relationships with Iraqi nationals, but true love doesn’t always come when or where it is convenient. Mandy and Fadi fall deeply in love. 

"When jealousies and resentments lead to the exposure of their relationship, both the U.S. and Iraqi governments work to keep the two lovers apart. Threatened with espionage charges and faced with imprisonment and torture, the two fight their way through the hardships to finally have what everyone wants in life: happiness. Matti tells the riveting story of life in war-torn Iraq and the battle to keep from losing the one person she loves more than life itself. It is a heart wrenching tale of devotion and perseverance that reminds us that even in some of the darkest places love can find a way."

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- Kathleen M. Rodgers, author of the award-winning novel The Final Salute

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 Romeo and Juliet in a combat zone.
"Sometimes you have to risk everything to be with the one you love. In this sweeping firsthand account that spans continents and oceans, rules and regulations, imprisonment and torture, and even the threat of death, former NSA agent Amanda Matti writes from the heart about the summer she deployed to war-torn Baghdad where she fell in love with her handsome Iraqi translator, Fadi.

"Accused of espionage, the two lovers are told to break it off. Disobeying orders, they risk their careers and their very lives to be together. Knowing this is a true story makes the stakes even higher."

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~ A True Story of Love and War ~

A sweeping Iraq War memoir about a forbidden romance between a female U.S. service member and her Iraqi translator.

When Amanda, a 22-yr-old U.S. Navy Intelligence Analyst, deploys to Iraq in the summer of 2005, she does her best to prep mentally and physically to face the horrors of war. What she isn’t prepared for is to fall in love…with someone on the “other” side. For Amanda and her Iraqi translator Fahdi, it’s “love at first sight.” While serving together near the front lines of the Iraq War, the two realize their connection transcends cultures, countries and politics. Amanda knows she may have to choose between Fahdi and her career in the military, but actually finds herself at the center of an international criminal investigation spearheaded by a trifecta of U.S. government agencies – the NSA, CIA, and NCIS. Spurred by a draconian double-standard, investigators quickly compile a speculative list of offenses Amanda may have committed, one being having fallen in love with an Iraqi native. Together, Amanda and Fahdi defy governments and cause international scandal as they fight for justice and love. A true story of romance and war, but above all, an epic love that overcomes incredible odds. To read an extended description of A Foreign Affair CLICK HERE.

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